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Call for application to the "Virtual stories" competition for young artists - cash prizes

Deadline : 31/10/2021

“Virtual Stories” is calling for applications of young Middle Eastern digital artists to submit their works for a prize competition in three categories: text, visual and sound. The competition will award a prize worth 750 € in these three artistic categories.

Criteria :

  • Art works may include but are not limited to digital story, photograph, video, song, sound installation, clip, video game, podcast, digital drawing, 3D modeling, animation, web and app design.

  • "Virtual stories" encourages the submission of works that engage with current global challenges such as the pandemic, climate change, rising authoritarianism, exilic and diasporic experiences, precariousness in the labor market, or cultural integration. the competition aims to open channels for young cultural producers from the region to contribute to global debates and problems related to education, sustainability, discrimination and racism, illness and care, and social organization.

Eligibility :

Young digital artists - 25 years of age or younger - who are from the Middle East, either living in the region or in diasporic communities.

Useful links :

Apply here.

Competition's official link.

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