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Recruitment Notice Senior Education Project Manager/English Language Technical Expert - Rabat

Deadline : Not mentioned

Credit : Amideast Morocco

Amideast Morocco is recruiting a Senior Project Manager to serve as the lead technical and administrate representative within a consortium of partners implementing a new five-year, USAIDfunded project. The manager will represent Amideast as a member of a larger team which will build the capacity of the Ministry of National Education (MEN) to implement new, studentcentered curricula in Arabic and selected STEM subjects (grades 4-9), as well as English (grades 7- 9). The goal of the program is to improve the delivery of public education in these disciplines through promote continuous learning in select content areas, emphasizing strengthened teaching and critical thinking skills. The position is based in Rabat but will require significant local travel to various governorates.

Amideast’s Senior Project Manager will provide technical leadership support in the English component of this project focusing on grades 7-9. This will involve the following responsibilities, often performed within MEN working groups or through other official mechanisms of collaboration with MEN staff, as well as other partners :

Responsibilities :

  1. Technical Responsibilities

  • Work with the Regional Director of English Language Training in designing in-service English teacher training that is specific, experiential, practical, as well as align with national education priorities.

  • Finalize the draft standards framework, as well as the scope and sequence for the English curriculum for grades 7-9;

  • Develop, pilot and finalize English teaching and learning materials for grades 7-9, including model lessons;

  • Develop both formative and summative evaluation items related to the curriculum;

  • Train trainers (inspectors) to implement the new curricula and materials;

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the new curricula and materials;

  • Implement formative evaluation of student progress in mastering core concepts from the new middle school curricula;

  • Design and test remedial classwork and/or other routines to determine whether or not they build student skills.

  • Supervise the creation self-paced MOOCs offering multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression through multi-media, short readings, video clips, strategy bank; etc.).

  • Design and organize Professional Learning Circles among MEN educators to catalyze change and sustain reform

  • Ensure the English interventions and activities adaptively respond to changes in the operating environment to meet the desired objectives.

  • Collaborate with consortium members and partners across other target disciplines (math, STEM, Arabic), providing technical input as necessary.

2. Administrative Responsibilities :

  • Develop and maintain relationships with key government officials at the national and local level, teacher training institutions, other donors and implementers, program beneficiaries, teacher networks, and other stakeholders related to the English objectives

  • Prepare, and submit reports, work plans, and various project documents and deliverables in conjunction with the project’s leadership and its partners.

  • Supervise and train a project coordinator and oversee the work of various independent contractors.

  • Ensure clear processes for data collection and analysis are in place in accordance with the project’s M&E Plan, and all project data are regularly updated.

  • Lead the English project team in preparation for donor-required, external evaluation, audits, and data quality reviews.

  • Closely liaise with key MEN representatives at the central directorate in Rabat, education academies (AREFs) in three chosen regions, provincial directorates (DPs), and up to 60 schools.

  • Liaise with finance staff, as needed, to monitor spending against budget and advise in collaboration with other Amideast senior staff.

Required Skills and Qualifications :

  • Master’s-level, (doctorate preferred) degree from an accredited university in TOEFL, TEFL or a relevant education field.

  • At least 15 years of experience teaching English and conducting English teacher trainings.

  • At least 10 years of demonstrated expertise in curriculum development and quality assurance leading to improved learning environments

  • A proven track record of design, implementation, and successful delivery in similar projects as verified by references

  • Familiarity with the current state of English teaching/curriculum in Moroccan schools, as well as an understanding of various English instructional models as they pertain to student learning strategies for both language and content.

  • In depth knowledge of in-service teacher training and professional development in the Moroccan public education sector.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills including conflict resolution abilities and a demonstrated ability to hold others accountable for quality outputs and results

  • Ability to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders, including governments, private sector, higher educational institutions, schools, donors, etc.

  • Commitment to inclusive programming that encourages full participation of individual regardless of gender, disability status, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or other marginalized status

  • Demonstrated experience working with government stakeholders on policy development

  • A commitment to, and vision for how curriculum development, teaching training, and professional development programs can be piloted, improved and scaled.

  • Must be fluent in Arabic and English.

To apply :

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and a cover letter to

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