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Apply to Nuffic MSP MENA scholarship for a chance to get a training in Holland

Deadline : varies

Credit: Nuffic MSP

The MENA Scholarship Programme offers Moroccan professional impact makers under 45 years training opportunities at Dutch education institutions in the Netherlands. This scholarship is offered by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Shiraka programme and is managed by Nuffic.

Eligibility :

A limited number of approximately 20 scholarships a year is awarded to female and male professionals who are

  • highly motivated;

  • living and working in Morocco;

  • 20 to 45 years old;

  • proficient in English;

  • working in one of the priority areas fitting the MSP approach for Morocco;

  • using and transferring their knowledge and experience in their employing organisation after the training;

  • agreeing to the MSP obligations and conditions (133.9 kB) English proficiency : You need English language skills because most courses are offered in English. Priority areas

  • You have to be working within one of the following priority themes;

  1. economic development and entrepreneurship

  2. youth empowerment

  3. prevention of radicalization and migration

  4. water (transport, logistics and port development)

  5. renewable energy

  • Employer statement You need an employer statement (105.6 kB) that is signed by you and your employer. It shows us that your employer supports your application. And that you can share the knowledge and experience you gained in the Netherlands once you return to Morocco. This is required because the MSP is focused at strengthening organisations by strengthening people. Government statement If you are a civil servant in Morocco you need a signed government statement (25.7 kB). This certifies the support of the Moroccan government for your MSP application. To arrange a government statement, please contact the administration of your organisation. Please note that this can take 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Other requirements The education institution will inform you of the requirements needed for your application. Most of the courses are designed for professionals with at least a BSC-level (or equivalent) and a minimum of relevant working experience.

MSP especially encourages women to apply for a scholarship. 50% of all scholarships per country are reserved for women. Available courses and their respectives deadlines can be found here.

Application process: You always have to apply in 2 steps:

  1. Apply for academic admission through the education institution.

  2. Apply for the scholarship through Nuffic's online application system. Please check the conditions for receiving the link at the education institution of your choice.

Contact the educational institution of your choice well in time to receive more information about the application procedure and deadlines. To apply:

  • Check whether you fit the requirements and approach for Morocco.

  • Choose a course from the list above.

  • Contact the education institution offering the course as soon as possible. We strongly advise you to contact the institution of your choice long before an application round opens, as additional academic requirements may be needed.

  • Apply for an MSP scholarship through a link for Nuffic’s online registration system which you receive from the education institution. Please check the conditions for receiving the link at the education institution of your choice.

Additional information:

MSP Morocco's website.

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