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Call for Consultants - Open University for Citizenship

Deadline : 22/11/2021

Credit : MIPA

Presentation of the opportunity :

The Project “Open University for Citizenship” aims at empowering marginalized communities to increase their awareness and engagement on civic issues, thereby achieving more direct democracy. A diverse network of partners will engage in awareness campaigns, the training, the production of innovative tools, and the mentoring of advocacy initiatives of Moroccan citizens. These actions will target youth, women, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) specifically, as these populations are systematically excluded from civic life and face supplementary challenges.

By acknowledging and supporting citizens’ active role in society, the Project will ultimately contribute to the reinforcement of Morocco’s institutions. the Project aims at engaging in meaningful and inclusive actions that will directly affect the marginalized communities and indirectly provide the tools for any Moroccan citizen seeking to leave a mark in their society.

Goals :

MIPA’s objective is to conduct eight “Civic Participation 101” workshops. The primary objective of these workshops is to increase awareness on key elements for civic engagement and active citizenship by four main components: Moroccan Constitution; Civic and political rights and laws concerning participatory processes; Policy Analysis and Policy Proposal; Leadership and Soft Skills.

MIPA is looking for four reputable and qualified different consultants with a track record of success in designing training curriculum for the “Civic Participation 101” and delivering workshops for local communities including youth, women, PWDs within its project “Open University for Citizenship”.

  • 1 Consultant : Two workshops on Moroccan Constitution

  • 1 Consultant : Two workshops on Civic and political rights and laws concerning participatory processes

  • 1 Consultant : Two workshops on Policy Analysis and Policy Proposal

  • 1 Consultant : Two workshops on Leadership and Soft Skills

Duration and time frame :

Each workshop shall be expected to be completed within 2 working days (8 workshops, two days for each workshop).

Deliverables :

  • Develop a training curriculum to be used in one of the thematic workshops;

  • Deliver two “Civic Participation 101” workshops based on the given themes;

  • Work plan for developing the workshops, including strategy and proposed methodologies, as well as quality assurance plan;

  • Final report on the implementation of the tasks after finishing the workshops;

  • Support the M&E officer in the pre-post surveys.

Eligibility :

  • Minimum university degree in Social Science or another relevant field;

  • Extensive knowledge of civil society sector;

  • Extensive experience on building capacities;

  • Be a reputable with at least 5 years of prior experience in delivering training and workshops in similar subject;

  • Familiarity and relevant experience in working with local NGOs and good knowledge with issues of local communities;

  • Excellent inter-personal communication skills including experience of facilitation of trainings/workshops and presentation;

  • Proven and demonstrated broad knowledge of and ability to utilize principles, methods, techniques, and systems of project management;

Documents to be included in the proposal :

  • A summarized description of the scope of work and the intended methodology to be used as well as a tentative work plan including activities and time frames.

  • A portfolio of previous work or an example of similar pieces of work completed recently;

  • CV of the consultant;

  • A financial proposal to address the work.

The lump-sum fee which you propose for the consultancy should indicate the breakdown of all costs. This fee should be inclusive of ALL consideration.

Please submit proposals to with the subject line: Design and deliver “Civic Participation 101” workshops (Open University for Citizenship).

P.S: All questions regarding this TOR must be submitted to (with,, and in copy).

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