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Apply for the MENA Youth Environment Assembly

Deadline : 02/03/2021

The MENA Youth Environment Assembly is collective youth participation in the processes of environmental governance in the UN system, which is facilitated through the Children and Youth Major Group. It will gather representatives of youth and representatives of organizations from all over the MENA region, interested in the environment and sustainable development.

The Assembly will take place on Friday, March 4th and 11th on the Zoom platform. The MENA Youth Environment Assembly will also feature some topics that can familiarize our region with the importance of advocacy and youth touch when tackling such global challenges by being introduced to activists and environmentalists through hearing their change-making stories in the region and how they managed to extend their impact to the entire world.

The MENA Youth Environment Assembly will ensure that this knowledge is turned into real actions where people will meet organizations and networks that they can be part of to start making a difference and getting to know more about what it is like to serve the communities that have been repeatedly affected by climate change.

Eligibility :

  • Must be aged between 15 – 35 years of age by the 4th of March 2022.

  • Being a member of (a) youth-led or youth-serving organization(s), group(s), collective(s), network(s), or movement(s) -with at least 2/3 of their leadership under 30 years old-, that are advancing social, environmental, cultural, political, and/or economic justice.

  • Affiliated with a national youth civil society network that works on climate change or environmental conservation.

  • Good in one of these languages English.

Selection criteria :

  • Actively engaged in (a) national youth network(s)/movement(s) that has/have the potential for engaging young people and creating meaningful engagement for them.

  • The applicant is open-minded, embraces diversity, and shows an intercultural understanding.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the issues faced by youth in their region and has an interest in spreading them, especially the ones related to SDG13.

  • You demonstrate experience and curiosity to connect with individuals and organizations at the national level working to expand the civic space.

  • You demonstrate skills to mobilize solidarity networks.

  • Demonstrates experience and knowledge of community or team building.

  • Follows the principles of listening, honest feedback, and positive affirmations.

  • Fighting for justice and social inclusion is the reason you wake up in the morning.

  • Loves taking initiative, interacting with new people, searching for answers to difficult questions, and asking critical questions.

Participate in the MENA Youth Environment Assembly.

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