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Call for applications - Med Dialogue leaders bootcamp in Spain, january 2022

Deadline : 22/10/2021

Credit :

Are you concerned with Developing critical thinking tools in the Mediterranean? Do you want to boost your activism leadership skills in this area? Do you have a project idea that can be implemented within a regional common action framework? This call for applications is for you

The 3rd edition of “Med Dialogue Young Leaders” is focusing on critical thinking skills and capacity to develop analytical skills and conceptual development based on evidence and universal values. We live in a context where national or ethnical identity-based ideologies, religion-driven movements or structural socio-economic injustices drive youth to violence, desperation, and intolerance.

Med Dialogue would like to contribute to providing skills and exposure to multiple views so as to both strengthen the youth’s capacity to distance themselves from radicalization, and their capacity to examine realities with a critical mind and understand power systems, We understand critical thinking as a reason oriented and perceptive thinking process characterized by open mindedness and assessment based on justified arguments, the readiness to critically review its own ideas and beliefs, and respect vis-à-vis other people's opinions and human dignity. Critical thinking involves reasoned and insightful thinking, human compassion, and empathy, which leads the thinker to be broad minded, receptive to alternative ways of thought, and very well informed, and demands that the thinker examines the credibility of sources of information and does not accept everything at face value. This activity would gather young leaders from countries of the Southern Neighbourhood and of the European Union

  1. committed to addressing intellectual challenges,

  2. ready to exchange practices, build channels of cooperation among themselves, and

  3. develop local actions in an inclusive way and within a coherent regional framework.

Participants should be engaged in fields such

as academic research, educational and peer-to-peer activities, philosophical thinking, ecumenical initiatives, action against stereotyping and hate speech, anti-radicalization grassroots projects, training on socio-political participation, youth creative expression projects, or fact-checking and evidence-based assessment.

General Objectives :

Empowering youth groups to contribute to more resilient societies by (1) understanding what is meant by “Critical Thinking” and discuss in depth the applications for critical thinking in youth life (2) learning to outline a step-by-step process to target a problem or need, develop questions, gather, assess, and analyze information using a variety of methodologies and (3) giving them a voice in the public sphere to build more resilient societies and relate with systems of values and social rules in non-conflictive and non-discriminatory ways.

Specific Objectives:

  • Get to know the philosophical contribution to critical thinking

  • Acquire critical thinking skills and strategies for better decision

  • Master problem restatement techniques

  • Develop empathy and sense of dignity in people’s relations

  • Learn creativity as a component of critical thinking initiatives

  • Develop decision-making skills

  • Learn how to positively address biases and prejudices

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