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Apply for #InTheirEyes 2 regional contest for content creators

Deadline : 05/06/2022

Credit : EU Neighbours

The contest #InTheirEyes 2 is a creative regional competition aimed at digital content creators in the 8 countries of the Southern Neighbourhood region: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia. At the beginning, 6 content creators per country will be chosen using a rigorous selection process. They will benefit from a training and will be supported by mentors.

After a second round of selection, only two content creators per country will remain. They will be called The Competitors and will form a team, together with the 2 mentors, a representative of the EU Delegation in their country and a representative of an EU-funded programme/project. Each team will represent its country and will compete with a collaborative audiovisual project.

  • Entry is free of charge.

  • Members of the jury, the European institutions’ staff and the EU Neighbours South project team may not enter the competition.

  • Previous EU Goodwill Ambassadors can no longer participate in InTheirEyes contests.

  • Selected candidates will be required to provide an identity document (identity card or passport).

  • Multiple entries from the same participant are not accepted.

  • By submitting any entry, the contestants take full responsibility to guarantee that the pitch video is their original work and that they have the permission for the produced content (images, sound, effects, etc.) and rights to submit and represent it as their own in the #InTheirEyes 2 contest.

  • By submitting their pitch video, participants authorise the DG NEAR, the EU Neighbours South project, the European Union Delegations and EU projects to use it for promotion and communication purposes, provided that the name of the author is stated each time it is used.

Conditions :

Candidates must submit a creative pitch video (60” max) presenting themselves and answering to these questions: Why do you want to become an EU Goodwill Ambassador in your country? As a content creator, how can you drive a positive change in your community?

Applications must be submitted using the online Application Form.

Eligibility :

  • Be aged between 18 to 30 years old;

  • Be national of the following countries and territories: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine*, and Tunisia;

  • Be resident in his/her home country;

  • Be active on social medias (at least on one of them) ;

  • Have more than 10K followers on social medias (at least on one of them);

  • Be available between the period of May and November 2022;

  • Be able to travel.

Awards and Prizes :

Each Competitor who has been selected for the 2nd phase of the #InTheirEyes 2 contest (two per country), has attended the whole programme (from June to November) and showed commitment will win the honorific title of EU Goodwill Ambassador. He/she will receive EUR 1,500.

In addition, four prizes will be awarded during the Awards ceremony in November :

  • Best Team project

  • Most liked Team project on social media

  • Best Team spirit

  • Coup de Coeur du jury.

The amount of each award is EUR 4,000 and will be shared between the 2 winning Competitors.

Application process :

  • Step 1: Read the general terms & conditions

  • Step 2: Produce your pitch video.

  • Step 3: Submit your entry via the online Application Form.

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