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Call for Application GO2Market Regional Hackathon and Acceleration Program

Deadline: Not mentioned

Credit : berytech

Under the PHEMAC project, Berytech is organizing the Go2Market Hackathon and Acceleration Program that will enable innovators to validate their innovation in the market, further strengthen their know-how and define their go-to-market strategy in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus sector (WEF-NEXUS).

The selected projects will go over an intensive program where they will receive technical and practical guidance with experts in the WEF-NEXUS, develop their commercialization and market strategy, learn about basic financial modeling, validate their innovation in the market and prepare a pitch to present to investors and partners.

Program :

Phase 1: Go2Market Hackathon :

Starting November 29, 2021

The trainers will deliver an intensive bootcamp on commercialization, innovation, growth and go-to-market strategies in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus sector in the Mediterranean region.

Up to 24 projects from 8 countries: Lebanon, Egypt, France, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Jordan and Italy (3 per country) will be part of the program and will benefit from the intensive virtual hackathon.

The hackathon will tackle the following topics:

  • Introduction of the WEF-NEXUS sector

  • Market opportunities analysis in the Mediterranean region

  • Types of commercialization strategies

  • Market segmentation and market opportunities in the Mediterranean region.

  • Go-to-market strategy (channels, customers, marketing strategy, partnerships etc.)

  • Basic financial projections

  • Go2market pitch deck development

Phase 2: Acceleration Program :

From mid-December 2021 until January 15, 2022.

Eight projects will be selected to enter the acceleration program that will provide personalized support, from being accompanied by a dedicated coach to access potential partners, licensees, investors, consultants, technical providers.

The objective of the acceleration phase is to validate the business model and the go-to-market strategy and explore the right partnerships and strengthen the final pitch deck.

Following an assessment, a detailed individual plan will be developed including group and one-on-one sessions covering, but not limited to:

  • Business model market validation

  • Financial plans and projections

  • Go to market and partnership strategy

Phase 3: Pitching in a regional virtual event

The 8 projects will be invited to an innovation pitch in front of potential up takers of innovation from the Mediterranean. Their pitch will be done during the Virtual Tunisian Innovation Week happening on 17 – 22 January 2022.

Eligibility :

  • Researchers and independent entrepreneurs working on early-stage prototypes and technology solutions looking to commercialize their innovations to address the needs and opportunities in the WEF-NEXUS sector in the Mediterranean region.

  • University students, alumni, researchers from target faculties working on business or research projects in the WEF-NEXUS sector in the Mediterranean region.

  • Individuals, or members of a R&D transfer department (or similar roles) in the industrial sector.

Selection criteria :

Applicants will be assessed based on the strength of the application, including technology innovation assessment, the economic viability and scalability potential of the project, and the team expertise and motivation. Selection criteria will be based on:

  • Participants from the Mediterranean Region: Participants residing in Lebanon, Morocco, Italy, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, France and Spain with a focus on the Mediterranean Region.

  • Innovative project with prototype: Applied research or project is innovative and technology-based and has an existing prototype or proof of concept.

  • Solves a Water-Energy-Food Challenge: Project addresses an important need and opportunity in the WEF-NEXUS in the Mediterranean region and the team’s expertise is in the Food, Energy or Water sectors.

  • Viable and scalable Project: Project needs to have market and economic viability with a potential of Scalability to the Mediterranean region.

Benefits :

Applying will give you access to Regional Go2market Hackathon and Acceleration program and opportunity to connect with key stakeholders in the WEF-NEXUS sector in addition to:

  • Access to a set of business and development skills and know-how by top-notch experts, including technical and practical guidance to develop your GO2Market strategy and explore strategic partnerships in the Mediterranean.

  • Access to the right partnerships through connecting you with a range of stakeholders and trainers in the Mediterranean region. You will have the chance to collaborate and network with the other selected participants from 8 different countries.

  • Visibility and pitching during the Virtual Tunisian NEXUS – PHEMAC regional innovation week, where more than 200 people will attend. This will give you exposure to potential investors and partners in addition to clients across the Mediterranean countries.

Useful links :

If you have any question about the Go2Market Hackathon and Acceleration Program, please contact: Ms. Camille Mallat, Senior Programs Coordinator at Berytech

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