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Call for applications - Deloitte Accelerator for Social Innovation in the Middle East

Deadline: Unmentioned

Credit: DASI

DASI is a Deloitte Middle East Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) program that aims to help address our region's social challenges by empowering and supporting small and medium sized social enterprises to grow and scale their impact. Social enterprises are companies or NGO's that operate with a social or environmental purpose, while having a viable business model and sustainable revenue stream.

DASI's components include a regional competition across 13 countries to identify two winning innovative social enterprises that will receive customized Deloitte support packs of advisory services, mentorship, networking opportunities, and skills-development valued at over US$ 100,000. The program supports gender parity by encouraging social enterprises fully or partially owned by women to apply.

DASI's goals and design are aligned with Deloitte's Global WorldClass initiative that aims to empower 100 million futures by 2030.

The program's goals :

Pioneer the acceleration of social enterprises across the region. Help to solve some of our region's pressing challenges by supporting social enterprises through advice, services, accessibility to knowledge and networks enabling them to scale up their impact. Spearhead the movement towards social innovation in the region, raise awareness and engage stakeholders while reinforcing the firm's purpose of making an impact that matters in society. Support women advancement by encouraging women-led/managed social enterprises and women's participation in the social entrepreneurship field.


Deloitte is looking for organizations that have clear business models, social impact and can demonstrate how working with us will help them grow. These social enterprises should meet the following criteria:

  • Profile: A social enterprise based in the region aiming to solve a regional social or environmental issue. At least one of the organization’s founders must be a national of the countries mentioned below2.

  • Age: Social enterprise at the early-stage level, minimum of two years of operating accounts with year-on-year growth.

  • Social impact: The social impact of the social enterprise needs to be evident. Social impact is the effect that the organization is having on the well-being of the community or environment.

  • Innovation: Innovative idea or product or service.

  • Business model: Clear and healthy business model based on sustainable revenue streams.

  • Commitment: Strong and qualified leadership willing to commit to the program.

  • Support need: Clear and realistic articulation of the type of support and assistance required from Deloitte.

  • Only for competition category A: Women representation in management or founding team: a social enterprise managed by women or with women founders owning at least 80% of shares.

What you'll get from the competition: Equity-free advisory services

Two winning social enterprises - one from each competition category - will receive customized advisory services from Deloitte of a value up to USD 100,000, based on need. Deloitte will not take equity in return for its services.

  • Relationship project leader: Each winning organization will be assigned a Deloitte project leader to manage the relationship of the social enterprise with Deloitte during the duration of the program.

  • Mentorship and skills-development: Each winning organization will be matched with Deloitte and/or Ashoka mentors to provide support and mentoring during the acceleration period in addition to skills-development opportunities.

  • Networking and knowledge-sharing: The winning organizations will get access to networking opportunities/events and access to Deloitte's wide network as relevant and appropriate.

  • Regional and international exposure: The winning organizations will receive exposure opportunities through engagement in the program. This will include exposure of their organization and/or service or product as part of the communications and public relations campaigns that will be run by Deloitte.

How to apply:

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