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Call for AI senpais (mentors) for a free AI in practice bootcamp!

Deadline : ASAP (bootcamp starts on september the 27th)

In Fruit punch AI, we believe that equality of opportunity is one of the most fundamental building blocks of a more sustainable society. Equal access to education is one of the most important aspects of this, but due to the high cost of education in many places in the world, this is not the case. This means that we as humanity have a huge untapped potential for positive impact! We believe that AI is humanity’s most powerful tool, and if we educate people in the ethical and sustainable implementation of AI, we can make a huge positive impact by changing the mindset of a generation of engineers.

Because ethical products & impactful solutions don’t arise out of boards of ethicists or politicians, but from the hands of hardworking engineers! We also believe that challenge-based education, learning by applying AI in the real world, making an impact together with other AI enthusiasts, is the most effective way of learning! However, there’s still the need for a little theory! Focussed on the skills needed for real-world application of AI.

That’s why we’re organising the AI in practice bootcamp!

Tasks and responsabilities :

The students would greatly benefit from a mentor who can answer their questions & provide guidance like only you can!

On the topics (session X/6):

  • Model families & data types (1/6)

  • Developer skills (2/6)

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (3/6)

  • Data Engineering (4/6)

  • AI pitfalls and biases (5/6)

  • Transfer learning and AutoML (6/6)

  • Topped off with a capstone project!


1 hour per week, for 8 weeks, starting the 27th of September!

Are you interested? Apply as a mentor here.

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