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Apply for Menara - Get excellent tech jobs remotely

Deadline : 01/10/2021

Are you a software engineer or computer science student in the Middle East & North Africa hungry for a world-class career? Manara is here for you!

Manara is led by engineers from Google, Facebook, etc. It can help you get excellent jobs remotely or relocate to places like Europe.

What you'll get :

  • 4-month training on how to pass interviews at small startups and big tech companies

  • Phenomenal teaching staff & mentors

  • Mock interviews with top-notch engineers from Silicon Valley, Berlin, etc

  • Help negotiating your salary

  • Supportive community of engineers like you

  • Career guidance & coaching

  • If you qualify, referrals to our world-class hiring partner network

  • Our program is remote. You can do it nights & weekends while working or in school.

Requirements :

  • You're already a software engineer or computer science/eng student

  • You want a new job or internship that would start ~July 2022

  • You understand, speak, and write English

  • You currently live in the Middle East & North Africa, and you speak Arabic

  • You learn quickly, have a positive attitude, and are willing to work hard

  • We really like if:

  • You finish 40 questions on Leetcode before we review your application (don't do more than that, it doesn't help)

  • You participated in programming competitions such as ACM, IEEExtreme, hashcode OR you have a great Github profile OR you are practicing doing coding questions on other platforms like Code Forces (don't worry if you haven't started yet - start now!

SPECIAL NOTE TO WOMEN: Women often have “imposter syndrome.” Please do NOT screen yourself out. Applying is a good experience - you’ll learn a lot from it! If you aren’t accepted now you'll have a stronger chance of getting accepted for our next cohort in 6 months.

Calendar :

Training will be from November 1 - February 28,

Job hunting starting on March 1.

More information :

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